Federico Rossi

Federico Rossi, the founder of FlorenceForFun, was born in Massa, Tuscany but moved to Florence when he was 2 years old. After studying political science at the University of Florence, Federico began working in Florence nightlife. He is largely responsible for the fact that international students, for the most part, receive free entrance to Florentine nightclubs.

Back in the day, when Florence bars and clubs were still filled with young Italians from the University of Florence, and study abroad students were a minority in the center, going out was the best way for American students to meet the locals and practice their Italian.

“Ten years ago students came from all around the world to study Italian art, history and language and the concept was to create a melting pot of cultures in an environment where young people could meet and have a good time,”  said Federico. From this original idea, FlorenceForFun was born and has grown from organizing cultural events in Florence to traveling all over Europe to experience different cultures.

In his free time, Federico enjoys cooking, listening to the radio, traveling to new destinations and following Fiorentina football.

Click here for more information about the history of FlorenceForFun!

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