Taste Pesto at Its Birthplace

For all you foodies studying abroad, this ones for you! Add “taste pesto at its birthplace” to your bucket list and you (and your stomach) will be very happy.

Pesto is said to have originated in the Northern region of Italy, Liguria. Liguria hugs the Mediterranean Sea and is nested in the hills of the Appennini Mountains. Because of this specific location, Liguria holds a unique microclimate perfect for the production of all pesto ingredients. Genovese basil, Ligurian extra virgin olive oil, and pine nuts from the Stone Pines are all that is needed to make the classic Italian green sauce.

Like most things, Italians have perfected pesto and they aren’t fussing with it. Classic Italian pesto dishes include, Trofie al Pesto, short noodles, and Trenette al Pesto, linguine like noodles. Pesto is traditionally spun into the pasta or dolloped on top with parmesan cheese. Both of these dishes are usually served with delicious white beans and potatoes. Other Ligurian favorites include a “green” lasagna and a pesto gnocchi. No matter what you choose to order, you will be experiencing the most traditional pesto possible.

Join us on a Cinque Terre day trip to enjoy the best pesto in the world, see the gorgeous five villages, and have some fun! 


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