Meet the Staff: Amy Rose Boyne

Hometown: Aberdeen, Scotland

Favorite Place You’ve Travelled:
Other than Florence (why I moved here) I would have to say Verona, Italy- very romantic and beautiful.

Bucketlist Destination: US Road Trip

Why did you come to work for FFF?
I came to Florence just to travel and treat myself, and came on holiday in July.  I went home on August 3rd, and then immediately booked a one way flight on August 5 and just wanted to do it.  It was reckless, but I think it paid off.
I looked up travel companies targeting young peopole, and FlorenceForFun seemed to be the most interesting. It seemed like a great company with awesome trips and nice people.  It was all kind of just by chance.

Advice to Study Abroaders?
Go get lampredotto- sheep stomach in a sandwich that is really good!  Just try it.  And I would have to say don’t forget to explore the country that you’re living in.  It’s good to appreciate where you are and people watch.fullsizerender-6

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