Skiing the Alps and exploring Switzerland’s Capital

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Study Abroad '15

Switzerland was kind of a taste of home this weekend, much colder than Florence with beautiful snowy mountains, rivers, and lakes.

I skied the Jungfrau region of the Swiss alps which included Grindelwald and Murren.

Fun Fact: This is where the ski scene from “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” was filmed… if you don’t remember the scene here it is:

(no mom I didn’t do any backflips off of cliffs)

Even though it wasn’t snowing when we were skiing there, the weather was incredible and the views were unbelievable; you truly cannot imagine how expansive the ranges are in the Alps by looking at pictures. Although I love Montana and its beautiful mountains, they cannot compare to the Alps.

IMG_5875IMG_5862IMG_5863 IMG_5885IMG_5889IMG_5865

IMG_5899 The expert chocolate maker and salesman, his jokes and heavy German accent added to the experience!

After getting back from a full day of skiing, I went chocolate tasting and sampled…

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