Describe Someone You Met or Saw


While visiting the island of Capri I met a very interesting old man named Paulo. He was very friendly and we chatted for quite awhile. He owned a little shop under the stairs on the beach. He sold all kinds of handmaid jewelry and other hand made objects, post cards, hats, towels, and other typical beach attire. My friends and I were just walking around looking at the stores when we came across him standing behind his shop looking at all the tourists.

I had been wanting some post cards from Capri so I stopped to look at the ones on his stand and Paulo started talking to my friends. He was a very happy old man with lots to share and many stories to tell us. Soon, I had stopped looking at post cards and started listening to him talk. He made sure to fill us in on all…

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2 thoughts on “Describe Someone You Met or Saw

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