Best of Tuscany

So, this was my first time out in the countryside of Italy, it was very gorgeous! The first town we stopped in, Montepulciano was a cute little town, and we made our journey up to the top to taste some of the best wines in Italy! My parents came to visit me for the week, and this was their first time in Italy and I chose to take them on this trip, definitely a great decision and suggestion to anyone who has family visiting in the future! Once we got to the top of the town we entered the winery, where we got to see all of the large barrels that the wine is made in! As we entered the underground where the barrels surrounded us we sat down at the tables and were able to taste three of the different wines, which were delicious I may add! It was a great learning experience as well, I learned how the wines ‘mature’ and the reasoning behind the swishing of the wine in the glass once it is poured and the significance behind that.

Moving on to the next town, we were able to sample and taste various different types of Pecorino cheeses! I got to also see firsthand, how cheese is made and sample it in the making, which was very cool! The people who owned this farm were very friendly as well, which obviously made it a better time. They served us pasta there for lunch as well, which was very tasty and filling before we headed off for our last, (but definitely not least) stop! We arrived at our last winery, and we were greeted out front by the owner, Mario, a true Italian man who was the owner of this large winery. It was cool to hear about the history of this winery, following the tour inside and seeing all of the tools that were used back in the day to make the wine that we drink today. Mario was a great host for all of us, he put a great ending to the day, allowing us to sample various different wines, topping off with a cheers with some grappa!

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